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Shake The Cage (für Theo) SLAM Extended Remix

Shake The Cage (für Theo) SLAM Extended Remix

Shake The Cage (für Theo) SLAM Remix Stream/Download : Follow Glasvegas: Website: Facebook:​ Instagram: Twitter:​ TikTok: Director : Lukasz Pytlik & James Allan ℗ 2022 Go Wow Records LYRICS (James Allan) start breathe begin see dream come go appear disappear re appear remember the future predict the present guess win guess lose guess more guess less rev rev rev say “yes!” observe understand look look lock snap hang photographs crawl crawl crawl rise cry stand step step / fall cry laugh cry with laughter stand alone run speed race fall forget bleed read heal need imagine hurt wear trousers under a skirt travel unravel eclipse your will collect reflect expect release disconnect perfect play speak sing bleed tear smash break admire regret romanticise criticise fantasise crucify watch time fly by wonder ‘why?’ hardly try propel high tighten enlighten feel frightened dance doubt dance enchant spread word speak above stand on a wave calculate quantum mechanics surf dance believe in chance escape make love, not war stand up for fly a kite the speed of light hold on tight never give up the fight trip be inappropriate stay lit transmit commit be fully wrong rise bathe keep the faith explain remain the same evolve again philosophise surprise teach me how roll dice radiate investigate single handedly move gods airwaves help hurt hurt help hurt hate hurt love hurt hurt disturb operate don’t do do don’t accept struggle produce experiment break on through alter give offer take believe work research destroy grip loosen stand alone feel rage change wake don’t be afraid shake the cage shake the cage.
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